Allen’s Shaft Botallack

Allen’s Shaft Botallack, was sunk in 1906 when the sett was re-worked due to rising Tin Prices, named after one of the directors of the new company It was a vertical five compartment shaft reaching a depth of over 1400ft. New buildings were erected around the shaft and a steam winder was installed, of which the chimney still remains. The new mine was not a success and finally closed on March 14th, 1914.

During the 1980’s once again there was interest in the site. Geevor Mines Ltd wanted to expand their sett into the Botallack workings. The price of Tin was at an all time high, a new steel headframe was installed and the shaft was re-conditioned. In the mid 1980’s the price of Tin crashed and after a small amount of production and exploration the site was again abandoned.

I like this site hence the reason for a separate page. The contrast between the old and the new, along with the history of the place makes photography more interesting.
All the images on this page were taken during 2013/14. The site is on private ground so try to obtain permission before crossing.

Allen's Shaft Botallack

A view looking across the stamps foundations towards the shaft.

Allen's Shaft Botallack 2

Framed well by the gateposts a nice image of the headframe showing the buildings for the winder behind the shaft.

Allen's Shaft Botallack 3

And the headframe from a slightly different angle.

Allen's Shaft Botallack 4

A closer image of the headframe, the building with the sloped roof contained the winder that was installed by Geevor Mine.

Allen's Shaft Botallack 5

This image was taken with a full frame fisheye lens. It has distorted the vertical lines of the headframe so it appears curved.

Allen's Shaft Botallack 6

The top of Allen’s shaft now securely locked, possibly the granite boulder was going a bit too far.

Allen's Shaft Botallack 7

Using the fisheye lens again, the sun was in the wrong place hence a bit of lens flare. Looking over the shaft towards the winder house.

Allen's Shaft Botallack 8

Standing underneath the headframe looking up, once again using the fisheye lens and glare from the sun.

Allen's Shaft Botallack 9

The base of one of the legs of the headframe.

Allen's Shaft Botallack 10

Standing close to the winder house looking up at the headframe.

Allen's Shaft Botallack 11

Framed nicely by the wall that surrounded the site.

Allen's Shaft Botallack 12

A final image of Allen’s Shaft headframe to complete the page.

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