Ben the Dog

May 1995 > 15th February 2012.

Ben the Dog: It was a long and fun packed life for both of us, with many ups and downs. He could drive me mad in a matter of minutes, but he saw me through some rough times for which I will always be grateful to him.

Cornish Mine Images. Ben the Dog

Ben the Dog.1 – A summers day in 2008, Ben and I were sitting above Portreath Harbour, watching the waves. He loved going to Cornwall, and he loved to watch the sea. The memories I have of him will always be strong, he was my friend.

Ben the Dog, who was my friend for 16 years, had been a companion of mine on many trips to Cornwall. He was a dog that loved the outside. He had a face that smiled and touched so many people, I was so proud of him.
You will be missed Ben: Mum, Sarah and I will never forget you. Sleep Well Boy.

Cornish Mine Images. Ben the Dog

Ben the Dog.2 – It’s a dog’s life, after a hard run in the early morning a young dog could sleep and dream the day away, me I had to go to work. When I got home there he would be, ready to go out AGAIN. The joys of Dog ownership.

Cornish Mine Images. Ben the Dog

Ben the Dog.3 – Even though his eyesight faded in his latter years he still had beautiful eyes, he had a look that would tear the heart strings when he wanted to go out.

Cornish Mine Images. Ben the Dog

Ben the Dog.4 – Once in the water it was often difficult to get him out (Sept 2011). One one occasion I had to wade in the sea and pull the little bugger out when he got into a bit of trouble.

Cornish Mine Images. Ben the Dog

Ben the Dog.5 – Ben, Christmas Day 2011, he was always a happy dog, having unwrapped his presents he loved to burrow in the remains of the wrapping paper and bury his head.

Be a good dog and have fun.
God speed my friend, I miss you so much.

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