Botallack Mine

Botallack Mine, this is one of the best known and dramatic mines in Cornwall. It worked from 1815-1914 producing 22,465 tons Copper, 14,888 tons Tin and 1,525 tons of Arsenic. The two engine houses on this section “The Crowns” were renovated in 1984 by the Carn Brea Mining Society. The upper winding house served the Boscawen Diagonal Shaft. Work started here in 1858 to gain access to the undersea rich sections of the mine far out underneath the Atlantic sea bed. In April 1863 this was the site of an accident when the chain attached to the gig used for hauling men broke on its way to the surface, eight men and a boy lost their lives. In 1874 the area was abandoned when the ores were worked out. The lower engine house contained a 36″ Pumping engine which worked from 1835-1895 draining this section of the mine.

The Crowns Engine Houses

A low view of the two famous Engine Houses on the Crowns section of Botallack Mine.

The Crowns Engine Houses

An view of the Crowns taken further up the cliffs.

Botallack Mine 3

An “arty” image of Botallack Mine looking out to sea across the Pumping Engine House.

Botallack Mine 4

An image looking out of the flooded Boscawen Diagonal Shaft towards the whim (winding) house at Botallack Mine.

Botallack Mine 5

Turning around, this is looking down the incline shaft to the water.

Botallack Mine 6

Slightly inland is the headframe on Botallack’s Allen’s shaft. . Follow the link to see a page on Allen’s Shaft.

Botallack Mine 8

A view of the Crowns Engine Houses framed by the ruins of the Calcincer.

Botallack Mine 13

A view of the Calciner Labyrinth at Botallack, it lead to the chimney in the background

Botallack Mine 7

The remains of the Botallack Power House, dating from the early 20th Century re-working it supplied power to electric submersible pumps and dressing floors where the ore was processed.

Botallack Mine 9

The Wheal Cock Section of Botallack Mine was the focus of much of the early 20th Century re-working. This is an image looking up the shaft to the grate on the surface, the area here is unsafe and should not be approached without the correct equipment.

Botallack Mine 10

A view of the extensive timbering in the Wheal Cock Engine Shaft.

Bottalack Mine 14

These are the foundations for the winder at Wheal Cock.

Botallack Mine 13

One of my favorite images on this page, the buildings around Allen’s Shaft.

Botallack Mine 12

A second view of the headframe, in the foreground are the mine yard walls from the 1906 re-working.

Allen’s Shaft Botallack