Carn Galver Mine

Carn Galver Mine is situated beside the St Ives – St Just coastal road below the hill of Watchcroft. The sett was worked under a variety of names; Wheal Rose, Rosemergy Mine and as part of Morvah and Zennor United. Both the remaining engine houses, a pumping and a whim house were built in 1871. The main operation was relatively short lived with the mine closing in 1876 having produced only 150 tons of Tin. The entrance to the main mine adit now blocked can be seen in the back of Porthmonia Cove over half a mile away. Between the engine houses and the cove there are the remains of a small Tin processing plant, several wheelpits which drove Cornish Stamps can be seen on the site.

Carn Galver Mine 1

Carn Galver Mine, the remains of the Engine Houses. The closer house contained a 30″ Pumping Engine which drained the mine from the 780ft deep shaft. In the background is the 20″ Whim Engine House which wound from the same shaft.

Carn Galver Mine 2

A second view of the Pumping Engine House from the other side.

Carn Galver Mine 3

The interior of the Pumping House.

Carn Galver Mine 4

An image of the Pumping Engine House taken from the inside of the Whim House.

Carn Galver Mine 5

The front of the 20″ Whim Engine House.

Carn Galver Mine 6

A panorama of Carn Galver Mine, in the background Watchcroft. I like this site it holds a mysterious magic to it, you have to pity the poor miners who had to walk here, climb down the shaft, work, then walk home over the barren moors.

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