This page is dedicated to Castle-an-Dinas-Mine, Cornwall’s premier Wolfram Mine.
The mine worked from 1916-1957 from two shafts South (New) and North Shaft. I have not found a total tonnage for the mine but when fully operational it was producing approx 200 tons of concentrate per annum.
When in production there was an aerial ropeway in use between the two shafts and mill, there is little left of this today. All the buildings on site are typical in their construction with corrugated roofs and an almost temporary look and feel, patterns and textures were everywhere and some buildings still offered some access.
I am very grateful to Tony Brooks for the information he has provided on the images, I can thoroughly recommend his book on the Castle-an-Dinas-Mine which gives a concise insight into the mine’s history.


Castle-an-Dinas-Mine Blacksmith Shop, an image of the base of the chimney stack dated 1942. The remains of the stack base can be seen on top, it was made of pieces of old boiler tube bolted together.


This image of Castle-an-Dinas-Mine shows the building around South Shaft, on the right is the second auxiliary Boiler House that was used as a standby when the main boiler was out of service. Back centre is the main Boiler and Winder House, the building on the front left is the Miner’s Dry.


The South Winder at Castle-an-Dinas-Mine, the Winder House on the left, the second building is the Combined Compressor and Pumping Engine House, the shaft here surrounded by the fence is capped in concrete.


An image showing the patterns and textures in one of the buildings at South Shaft Castle-an-Dinas-Mine.


The interior of the combined Compressor and Pumping Engine House at South Shaft. The compressor was on the right of the image with the gearing for the Cornish Pumps on the left, the oil engines that drove these was placed behind the camera.

Castle an Dinas Mine 6

Another image of a building at the impressive South Shaft Complex at Castle an Dinas Mine.

Castle an Dinas Mine 7

The interior of the Winder House at South Shaft. This contained a steam winder purchased in the early 1940’s from the King Edward Mine in Camborne, the blocks in the image were used to mount the installed machinery.

There is a story behind this engine that is told on the Castle-an-Dinas MIne Winder Page

Castle an Dinas Mine 8

The interior of the Mine Workshop at South Shaft.

Castle an Dinas Mine 9

The forge in the Blacksmiths Shop at Castle an Dinas Mine South Shaft Complex.

Castle an Dinas Mine 10

The remains of an Electrical Fuse Box at the South Shaft Compressor House.

Castle an Dinas Mine 21

The Lancashire Boiler House at Castle an Dinas South Shaft.

Castle an Dinas Mine 11

A close external view of the combined Compressor and Pumping House.

The next set of images are taken around the North Shaft area of Castle-an-Dinas-Mine.

Castle an Dinas Mine 12

The remains of the Miner’s Dry at North Shaft.


An image of the interior of the Miner’s Dry.


A study of the textures on the exterior of the Miner’s Dry.


Another image of the Miner’s Dry, a great building to photograph.


The interior of the Castle an Dinas North Shaft Winder House.


Another image of the interior of the Winder House.


Another building at the North Shaft area, this contained a diesel engine that powered the processing mill.


A closer image of the same building at North Shaft.


Not sure where this image is taken but with the steam pipe in view it could be in one of the Winder Houses.

I loved this site, the buildings were very photogenic and interesting, wandering around in the sun I happily fired off several films.
Mine buildings of this era are rare and it would be good to see them preserved.

Castle-an-Dinas MIne Winder