Cornwall Images

This page: Cornwall Images and the Galleries that follow it, are dedicated to other places I have been in Cornwall with the cameras. Apart from Mining there are many other photogenic places to see.
The first images on this page are of St Peter’s Church near Chiverton Cross. The church was built in 1861 by William White, the original tower was removed in 1898, the current tower was built in 1928. The church closed in 2008 when building works in the region of £800,000 were required, the last service was on Christmas Eve 2006.
It’s a shame this was a lovely building and deserves better, the images here were taken in September 2011.

Cornwall Images Chiverton Cross Church 1

An image of St Peter’s Church tower.

Cornwall Images Chiverton Cross Church 2

One of my favorite images, a perfect day for photography.

Cornwall Images Chiverton Cross Church 3

The blocked up side entrance.

Cornwall Images Chiverton Cross Church 4

This lantern caught my eye, makes a good image.

The Cornish Coastline is spectacular, impressive cliffs and hidden coves makes good photographic material, and look a mine! (Wheal Coates).

Cornwall Images  Coast View 1

Along the coast from St Agnes is Chapel Porth, when the tide is out it’s possible to walk along the base of the cliffs.

Cornwall Images Coast View 2

An image looking back towards Portreath on the Cornish Coast Path.

Cornwall Images Coast View 3

This image was taken standing on the cliffs at Wheal Cock, looking out to sea across a small natural arch.

Cornwall Images Priest's Cove 1

An image of Priests Cove in St Just, one of the many small fishing coves around Cornwall.

Cornwall Images Priest's Cove 2

A second image of Priests Cove looking out to sea past Cape Cornwall.

The Cornish Coast path is well worth a look, for more information follow the link:

Pool and Camborne Gallery