Cornwall Underground Home

Cornwall Underground Home: Many of the underground images on the next few pages, were taken in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. My enthusiasm for taking pictures had reduced in the first years of the 2000’s. But the bug came back and now I am taking pictures whenever I can.

Cornwall Underground Home

Cornwall Underground Home 1- Exploring Adits can be fun and often very very wet.

As I use traditional 35mm cameras there can be an awful lot of kit to carry down the mine. I have considered switching to digital but it’s too late to teach an old dog new tricks.

Cornwall Underground Home

Cornwall Underground Home 2- Sometimes underground the sights are amazing and breathtaking.

The pictures I take and print may not be the “pretty” variety, which show the startling colours which can be found in these places. Instead I go for the “grittier” images, those which capture the feel and the atmosphere of the mine along with trying to convey what the miners saw in their dim spluttering candles.

Cornwall Underground Home

Cornwall Underground Home 3- Very occasionally the explorer will find something very special, the pump rods in a shaft are very rare sight.

Most mines in Cornwall are accessed by shafts, some can be 3 or 4 hundred feet deep to water. Below this can be another 1 or 2 thousand feet flooded, fall in here and there will be no escape.

Cornwall Underground Home

Cornwall Underground Home 4- Modern mines can be very interesting to explore.

Mine sites are not playgrounds and should be treated with respect, never approach the edge of an unprotected shaft and NEVER drop rocks down, there might be explorers underneath.

Its not only the shafts that can be dangerous, many Adits look safe to explore but stay away. Please never enter any of these if you lack the correct equipment and training.
An innocent looking hole in the cliff can easily kill the unsuspecting and ill prepared explorer.

Cornwall Underground Home

Cornwall Underground Home 5- The extensive drainage Adit of a mine in Cornwall that closed in the 1980’s.

I must say again, NEVER enter old Mine Workings without the correct training, experience and equipment. The fact that the images are on the following pages DOES NOT infer access.

There are many groups in Cornwall active in underground exploration. Please check on the internet and go underground in safety with experienced explorers, never take risks, never just pop in for a look.

Cornwall Underground Gallery 1