Redruth Brewery

I was told the Redruth Brewery site was open in August 2013 so I took the opportunity for a quick look see with Tracy and a bag of cameras.

The site had been used as a brewery as far back as 1742, and operated until 2004 when the company went into liquidation, the brewery was then closed in March of the same year. Since then the area was heavily vandalised and had several major fires.
In July 2014 work started on the site to facilitate a £1.7million regeneration project which is scheduled to be completed during 2015. The aim of the project is to turn the derelict site into an area of public spaces, workshops and houses. It will also be the home of a Cornish Archive Centre which will be called Kresen Kernow. Whilst many of the building will require demolishing the long term aim is to preserve and restore as much of the historical site as possible.

Redruth Brewery 1

The main chimney for the complex.

Redruth Brewery 2

The site had been used for general dumping and was in a poor state of repair.

Redruth Brewery 3

Looking towards the chimney from the other side across the rubble strewn yard.

Redruth Brewery 4

Hidden away in the undergrowth was this interesting valve arrangement, makes a nice photograph.

Redruth Brewery 5

Always on the lookout for patterns and textures this smashed window caught my eye.

Redruth Brewery 6

One of the interior walls of the worst of the gutted buildings.

Redruth Brewery 7

In its heyday the brewery much have been an amazing place to visit.

Redruth Brewery 8

This section of the brewery was destroyed by fire, since its closure there were major fires there in 2007, 2010 and 2011.

Redruth Brewery 9

So much history destroyed, the site was incredibly dangerous and we did not approach the badly damaged buildings.

Redruth Brewery 10

The stonework was impressive with a high quality of workmanship.

Redruth Brewery 11

One of the older buildings near the base of the complex’s chimney.

Redruth Brewery 12

This room was my favorite, it looked more like something that belonged at Cape Canaveral for the launching of rockets rather than a brewery.

Redruth Brewery 13

The same room from the other side, I would love to know what this room was used for.

Redruth Brewery 14

The top of brewery chimney visible through the hole in the roof.

Redruth Brewery 15

One of the huge warehouses on the site, when working this would have been full of alcoholic goodies.

Redruth Brewery 16

The building were all quiet and dilapidated, there was an eerie atmosphere and the sense of being watched, Tracy did not like it, frankly neither did I.

Redruth Brewery 17

The roof in this building had suffered badly and we did not risk going any further.

Redruth Brewery 17

The boarded up ornate gates that lead into the main brewery yard.

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