Redruth Town Gallery

Redruth was once the mining capital of the world. Surrounded by mines it became the centre of commerce for the Cornish Mining Industry. The once great buildings are still there, all you have to do is walk around and look above street level. The views are spectacular and the architecture is amazing. Good Friday 2012, I spent a great day in the sun wandering around with the cameras around my neck. On this page I have tried to capture the marvels that remain today from the old Fire Station to the Miners Statue at the head of Fore Street. Photography is difficult due to traffic and roads but some of the images are worthy of note.

Redruth 1

Erected in 2008 this 2m high bronze statue of a Cornish Miner was created by artist David Annand. Holding a pick and with a string of tallow candles around his neck this is a wonderful piece of art

Redruth 2

A wider view of the same statue

Redruth 3

One of the side streets in Redruth, the old two up two down cottages are typical of miners dwellings, in the background rising proudly is the stack of Penandrea Mine which dominates the townscape

Redruth 4

A second image of the same street looking towards the chimney

Redruth 5

Caught by chance in Redruth this dog looks very comfortable

Redruth 6

Built in 1824 the stack of Penandrea Mine which stands proudly above the town

Redruth 7

Up on the hill behind Penandrea Mine I found the remains of an old tramway, the granite setts can be seen clearly

Redruth 8

The old Reduth Fire Station built in 1913 it’s now a Grade 2 Listed Building

Redruth 9

A wider view of the Fire Station showing the ornate tower

Redruth 10

This small building caught my eye, on the left of the image down the hill are the old Peevor Mine Offices

Redruth 11

Opposite the station in Redruth are these ornate buildings, the one on the left is dated 1891, mining stocks and shares would have been traded here

Redruth 12

The Mining Exchange building dates from 1880, the building to the right was the old Post Office and the Bain and Field’s Bank

Redruth 13

A closer image of the Mining Exchange showing the ornate frontage

Redruth 14

More lines and patterns that caught my eye as I walked past

Redruth 15

The impressive granite columns at the entrance to the London Inn

Redruth 16

The front of the London Inn

Redruth 17

The old coaching inn, The King’s Arms now houses a Building Society

Redruth 18

A narrow alley looking towards Fore Street

Redruth 19

A good image of the house that belonged to William Murdoch, he worked with the engineers Boulton and Watt in 1779. The house is notable for being the first building in the world to be lit by gas lighting in 1792

Redruth 20

The entrance to the Druid’s Hall, built in 1859 it housed a library and large a assembly room upstairs, it was destroyed by fire in the 1980’s

Redruth 21

Ornate windows belonging the Druid’s Hall

Redruth 22

An impressive building in Fore Street

Redruth 23

My favorite image of the day, works well in black and white

A good time was had trooping between Redruth and Camborne, but I was very happy to call it a day and head back for a pint and put down the camera bag.

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