Rosevale Mine

Located in Zennor near St Ives, Rosevale Mine is owned by the “Rosevale Historical Mining Society” who are a group of underground enthusiasts and ex-miners. They are dedicated to the restoration of the underground workings using traditional mining methods.
More information on the site can be found by following this link:
Rosevale Mine

The site was worked during the 18th Century as Wheal Chance, operations were concluded around 1840. The mine was re-opened during the early years of the 20th Century as Zennor Mine until 1914 with the advent of World War One.

These images were taken with my partner Tracy on a trip in August 2013.

Rosevale Mine 1

An image looking down the main drive into the mine on No2 level.

Rosevale Mine 2

No2 Level looking down the drive towards the mine entrance.

Rosevale Mine 3

Very much preserved as a working mine, this is an old wagon on No2 Level.

Rosevale Mine 4

A Cousin Jack shute used to load the ore onto the wagons from the stope (working area) above.

Rosevale Mine 5

A compressed air Eimco 12B Rocker Shovel tucked out of the way on No2 level.

Rosevale Mine 6

Heavy timbers can be clearly seen supporting the roof of the drive.

Rosevale Mine 7

A Cousin Jack chute with an ore wagon in the background.

Rosevale Mine 8

The same chute from the other side.

Rosevale Mine 9

The timbering here was very extensive, the area above would have needed to support the ore and waste from the stope above.

Rosevale Mine 10

Another image of the timbered section on No2 drive.

Rosevale Mine 11

Drills and tools stacked to one side on the drive.

Rosevale Mine 12

This image is looking up into the stope above No2 level, the ladder leads upto a working area, supporting timbers are on the right of the image.

Rosevale Mine 13

Looking up the fixed ladders on No2 towards No1 level . At the top of each ladder there is a platform on which the next ladder is attached.

Rosevale Mine

This image is looking down a fixed ladder to the Deep Adit level of the mine. This small shaft (Winze) was recently mined to allow access to the adit. Restoration work is in progress in this area, the pipe coming up the shaft is attached to a pump to keep the water level down.

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