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Contact Cornish Mine Images
Contact Cornish Mine Images 1: The Poldice Valley, in the foreground are the remains of the foundations for Californian Stamps. These are the remains of Poldice Mine Arsenic and processing floors. These remains date from the 1920’s when a neighbouring mine purchased the site to process their own ore. The extensive site was finally closed in the 1930’s, there is however still a lot remaining.
Contact Cornish Mine Images
Contact Cornish Mine Images 2: South Crofty Mine, this photograph was taken soon after the mine closed in 1998. From left to right: The 1980’s Tin Processing Mill, the New Cooks Kitchen Shaft Headframe, the South Winder House is the white square building, on the left the long building used to be part of the mines foundry, in recent years this was used as a storeroom. A very special place to me with amazing memories, follow this link to reach the South Crofty Home page.

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