Cornish Mines Book List

Cornish Mines Book List: Having been privileged to take photographs for the Exploring Cornish Mines series of books these are the most common sources of information I use for the images on the website. I have quite a library of books available about Cornish Mining and these have contributed information to the extensive text on the pages.

The list below contains the most used books:

Cornish Mines Book List
Cornish Mines Book List 1: The pair of engine houses at Chapple’s Shaft Cooks Kitchen Mine. On the left is the stack for the Pumping engine lacking its brickwork top, the Pumping house on the right has the smashed front wall where the cylinder was removed, the Whim house in the centre has lost one of its walls. These have now been renovated in 2016/17.

Exploring Cornish Mines Volume 1: Kenneth Brown & Bob Acton
(Consols & United, Kitty and Blue Hills, Tywarnhayle, Basset Mines, Dolcoath, Bottallack to Boswedden)

Exploring Cornish Mines Volume 2: Kenneth Brown & Bob Acton
(South & East Caradon, Wheal Busy & Killifreth, Carn Brea Mines & East Pool, Tincroft & Cook’s Kitchen, The Grenvilles & Condurrows, Wheal Prosper & Wheal Trewavas, Ding Don Mine)

Exploring Cornish Mines Volume 3: Kenneth Brown & Bob Acton
(Wheal Jenkin and Marke Valley, East Wheal Rose & Cargoll, West Kitty Polberro & Trevaunance, Mines of The Wendron Parish, Geevor & Levant)

Exploring Cornish Mines Volume 4: Kenneth Brown & Bob Acton
(A Car Tour around Kit Hill, The Phoenix Mines Minions, Wheal Coates & The Charlottes St Agnes, Wheal Vor Wheal Fortune & Wheal Metal Breage)

Exploring Cornish Mines Volume 5: Kenneth Brown & Bob Acton
(Okel Tor Mine, The Mines of Luckett, Wheal Peevor and its Neighbours, St Ives Consols, St Just United & Cape Cornwall)

I spent some of the best times of my life taking the pictures for these books, I would recommend them to anyone with an interest in Cornish Mining.

Cornish Mines Book List
Cornish Mines Book List 2: Looking back at Harvey’s 85″ Pumping Engine House on Great Wheal Busy, in the foreground is the Bruton Calciner.

Exploring Cornwall’s Tramway Trails Volume 1: Bob Acton
(The Great Flat Lode Trail)
Exploring Cornwall’s Tramway Trails Volume 2: Bob Acton
(The Coast To Coast Trail)

Cornish Mines Book List
Cornish Mines Book List 3: John’s 70″ Engine House at Tywarnhayle Mine built in 1861.This house is perched on the edge of the hill surrounded by a classic Cornish Mining landscape.

A Complete Guide to the Engine Houses of West Cornwall – Damian Nance and Kenneth Brown
Cornish Mine Disasters – Cyril Noall
The St Just Mining District – Cyril Noall
Botallack – Cyril Noall
The St Ives Mining District Volume 1 – Cyril Noall
The St Ives Mining District Volume 2 – Cyril Noall
Cornwall’s Future Mines – J.H Trounson
Mining In Cornwall Volume 1 – J.H Trounson
Mining In Cornwall Volume 1 – J.H Trounson

Cornish Mines Book List 4
Cornish Mines Book List 4: The New Stamps Engine House at Wheal Grenville Mine, it once held a 36″ engine. The roof line of the Boiler House can be seen on the wall.

Castle-An-Dinas 1916-1957 – Tony Brooks
South Crofty Mine – A History by Allen Buckley
Mining Sites in Cornwall and South West Devon – Barry Atkinson
Mining Sites in Cornwall Volume 2 – Barry Atkinson
The Cornish China Clay Industry – R.M Barton
Mining in Cornwall & Devon, Mines and Men – Roger Burt with Raymond Burnley, Michael Gill, Alasdair Neill

I have built up my library of books over many years. Some brought from local shops, some from ebay and some from “Moore Books” who I can thoroughly recommend.

Moore Books : Caving, Industrial Archaeology, New and Secondhand Books

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