Hayle Gallery

With an impressive industrial heritage Hayle was the home of two great companies.
In 1756 the Cornish Copper Company established a Tin and Copper smelter along with a quay in the harbour. It’s sad that many of the remains of this industry were demolished soon after the Second World War.
In 1779 John Harvey opened his foundry which in a few short years was one of the industrial centres of Cornwall. As well as making the massive engines used to drain the Cornish Mines there was a ship building operation which constructed vessels up to 4000 tons. The boom in Cornish Mining brought great wealth to the Harvey’s and Hayle, in 1875 after a long dispute Harvey’s purchased the Cornish Copper Company, however soon after the turn of the century the foundry closed. Other notable achievements of the foundry include; the first Cornish Boiler used at sea, the construction of the first Steam Locomotive to be built and designed in Cornwall. Other engineering accomplishments happened over the years too many to list, however, one of the most famous were the links created for the Clifton Suspension Bridge, designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel in 1831 and completed in 1864 after his death.
There is still much to be seen around Hayle today, it’s worth a look around.

Hayle Gallery 1

The frontage of the Harvey’s Foundry Offices.

Hayle Gallery 2

The Granary Store and Engine House.

Hayle Gallery 3

A detailed image of the Granary wall, the circular wall plates are a modern addition from the stabilisation.

Hayle Gallery 4

Detail of a doorway in the wall the the ruined Pattern Shop.

Hayle Gallery 5

The entrance to the Plantation Store.

Hayle Gallery 6

A wider image of the Plantation Store.

Hayle Gallery 7

One of the windows of the Plantation Store.

Hayle Gallery 8

The interior of the Plantation Store.

Hayle Gallery 9

A piece of old machinery I spotted in the undergrowth.

Hayle Gallery 10

One of the old sluice gates built by the Harvey Foundry to control water flow into the “Basin” where ships were constructed.

Hayle Gallery 11

An image showing the old warehouses along the wharf.

Hayle Gallery 12

One of the fishing boats on Harvey’s Wharf.

Hayle Gallery 12

One of my favorite images of the day. I was using a Rollei film for the first time. I found it very difficult to use where shadows are in the image, but on a illuminated object such as the boat above the contrast, sharpness and grain are spectacular, taken on Harvey’s Wharf.

For more information about Hayle and its history, follow the link: www.harveysfoundrytrust.org.uk

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