The St Austell Mines

This page will cover the mines and opencast workings in the St Austell area of Mid-Cornwall, this is an area I have not spent a lot of time around, however that will change in the following months. The area is predominantly known as a producer of China Clay, by the mid 19th century 65,000 tonnes of china clay were being mined every year. Present day mining is covered in the sister website; There are also the remains of many great mines: Fowey Con­sols; Great Pol­gooth Mine; Great Dow­gas Mine; South Pol­gooth Mine; St Aus­tell Con­sols to name a few, Fowey Consols alone produced in excess of 300,000 tons of Copper.

St Austell Mines

The impressive Littlejohn China Clay Pit.

For more images of Littlejohn’s Pit follow the link: The Modern Mines

St Austell Mines

An image of Belowda Hill Mine , this worked from 1872-1902 producing 53 tons of Tin and some Wolfram.

St Austell Mines

A second image of the small engine house showing the attached boiler house, the site was re-worked in 1935 in the hope of exploiting Wolfram, this was unsuccessful with no recorded output.

St Austell Mines

The ruin of the China Clay Processing plant on Belowda Beacon.

Belowda Hill Clayworks 2

Its an impressive building which dates from 1909-1912 when the site was worked as the Belowda Tin & China Clay Mines .

St Austell Mines

An image of the inside wall of the processing works.

St Austell Mines

The remains of the chimney that served the blacksmith at Castle an Dinas Mine.

Castle-an-Dinas Wolfram Mine, note the date of 1942 in the brickwork. I visited this site in 1997 to take images for Tony Brooks for use in his book on the Mine’s history. The remains on site were considerable with many building survivals, the atmosphere of the site was considerable, and the photo opportunites were many. In fact, I perhaps went overboard with the images I took, but the site was unique and the weather for photography was perfect, so I went for it.
For more images on this mine follow the link: Castle-an-Dinas Mine Gallery


The Perranzabuloe Mine Gallery