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Cornish Mine Images: This site is built around my love for traditional 35mm Black and White Film Photography, Cornish Mining History and the County of Cornwall. From small beginnings the website has grown to 200 pages containing over 3,500 hand printed photographs.

Cornish Mine Images

Cornish Mine Images: The interior of Philips Engine House New Consols Mine, this was a wonderful survivor, since the image was taken the roof has sadly collapsed.
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Cornish Mine Images is a site for you to enjoy, many of the photographs on the pages were taken in the 1990’s and are now unique. It has developed into a resource and I get frequent information and image requests, to which I always help out where I can. All the images on this site are taken, processed then hand printed in my darkroom. Finally then they are scanned in, it is a lot of work which takes a huge amount of time and effort, but it’s worth it. To aid navigation, each page has a link to the next at the base, also I have included useful links to other sites within the page text.
I must stress that many of these sites are on private land, all images have been taken with permission from the relevant land owner. Mine sites are dangerous places to be, underground even more so, please use your common sense, just because there are images here, it does not infer access, or that the site is safe to visit.

Cornish Mine Images

Cornish Mine Images: The chimney at Cape Cornwall Mine. Part of the St Just Mining District.

This is a personal site to which I have had no funding, I make no commercial gain, I do it to give something back to the County of Cornwall and the men who worked and died in the mines that made the area famous.

Cornish Mine Images

Cornish Mine Images: Looking up at Skip Shaft of Levant Mine.

Almost all of the images have been updated and pages changed and added to, this is an ongoing project that has turned into my life’s work. Every Saturday morning is spent in the Darkroom adding to my extensive image library. All the negatives from the 1990’s have been printed, the South Crofty images are being gradually replaced and there are new pages due to go up in the coming weeks.

Cornish Mine Images

Cornish Mine Images: Diamond drilling in South Crofty mine in the 1990’s. I have probably the largest collection of images taken in the mine when it was in full production before the closure in 1998.
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All the photographs unless stated are owned by me and Copyrighted, please do not copy or use in any way without gaining my permission.
The music on this page is published here with the permission of the Holman Climax Male Voice Choir

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Thank you for all the continued support, the visitor counter grows every day, and thanks to my fiance Tracy, who puts up with me and accompanies me on the many Cornish walks along the dramatic coastline of the South West.

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