South Crofty Robinsons Shaft: Home

South Crofty Robinsons Shaft Home: This is the introduction of five pages dedicated to the Robinsons Shaft Complex. My thanks go to those at South Crofty Mine who granted me access permissions to the site. Also to those who took time out of their working day to escort me around the Engine House.

South Crofty Robinsons
South Crofty Robinsons Shaft Home.1 – An image of Robinson’s Shaft when working.
Photograph reproduced here from
This image shows the complex prior to 1925 as the original timber headframe is still in use. The ore would have been transported from here to the area around Cooks Shaft for processing.
South Crofty Robinsons
South Crofty Robinsons Shaft Home.2 – An image of the site whilst South Crofty still controlled access, the cages are still in the shaft and the site was being cleared. Image taken 1996/7 From Left to Right, workshops (inc Blacksmith Forge & Drill sharpening ) Electric Winder House, Capstan House, Headframe, Engine House, Shaft Bank Shelter. The long building on the right hand side of the image is the Miner’s Dry, virtually all these buildings were demolished. Also, beyond the end of the Dry is the Chimney on Bickford’s Shaft right at the other end of the site.’
After years of neglect, vandalism, arson and weather, things have changed dramatically there. The old mine site had a £32 Million facelift to become “Heartlands”. Many buildings have been lost along with the chance for a museum based along the lines of Geevor Mine. 
Personally I think the site could have been preserved better.
South Crofty Robinsons
Robinsons Shaft Home.3 – The headframe standing over the empty shaft area. But very little emphasis is placed on what actually has been lost.
Cornish Mining
Robinsons Shaft Home.4 – Sadly, so many buildings and history was lost. However at least the Engine House and its contents have been preserved.
Cornish Mining
Robinsons Shaft Home.5 – Finally , the Robinsons Shaft site as seen from Pool Market (2014).

South Crofty Mine Robinsons Shaft: 1


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