Tolgus Calciner 2013

Having driven past the Tolgus Calciner for many years without stopping I thought I would have a wander around. The site has suffered over the years with the weather taking its toll, thieves have removed the doors to the ovens and the temporary structure attached has all but collapsed.

The site is a Scheduled Ancient Monument it would be nice to see it treated as such and receive some much needed renovation.

Tolgus Calciner 2013.1

Early morning is the best time for photographs when the sun is full on the Calciner. The main structure is still in fair condition.

Tolgus Calciner 2013.2

The structure protecting the ovens has suffered over the years.

Tolgus Calciner 2013.3

The sad state of the structure protecting the oven flues.

Tolgus Calciner 2013.4

An image of the corner of the Calciner structure showing the extensive bracing on the outside to strengthen the stonework against the heat. The blockwork is generally in good condition, however much of the mortar requires some attention.

Tolgus Calciner 2013.5

Standing at the rear of the structure looking towards the oven doors, with the state of the supporting beams safety should be considered before access.

Tolgus Calciner 2013.6

It’s sad that such a unique survival has been allowed to deteriorate in this way.

Tolgus Calciner 2013.7

The drive mechanism is still intact.

Tolgus Calciner 2013.8

Access to the second level was possible, this image shows the rotating hearth where the ore was roasted. The roof had suffered in many places and the damp was starting to take a hold. The place was covered in graffiti testament to the locals who regularly visit.

Tolgus Tin Works Gallery