Poldice Mine Arsenic Works

Poldice Mine Arsenic Works:
Numerous deep shafts cover the Poldice Valley, for such an important mine very little remains to be seen. Poldice Mine was active from the 17th Century up to 1913, during that time over 150,000 tons of Copper, 1500 tons of Tin, 2,500 tons of Arsenic and 320 tons of Ochre. The present day remains date from the 1920’s when Park-an-Chy Mine purchased the site to process their ore, an ariel ropeway was built to transport the material. The original plant was extended and modernised, two Calciners were on site along with stamps, buddles, shaking tables and magnetic separators, upto 120 tons of ore could be processed daily. Underground mining was again started at Poldice by Park-an-Chy in the hopes of finding new ore reserves. In 1930 both the mines were closed and the mill was dismantled in 1932. The images on this page were taken on a fantastic summers day in 1996.

Poldice Mine Arsenic Works

A Convex Buddle used for concentrating the processed ore.

Poldice Mine Arsenic Works

A well preserved arch in one of the buildings.

Poldice Mine Arsenic Works

In the foreground a large Concave Buddle.

Poldice Mine Arsenic Works

Looking across machinery foundations towards the buildings. On the skyline are the Engine Houses of Wheal Unity Wood and Killifreth Mines.

Poldice Mine 5

Looking out of a doorway towards the Buddles

Poldice Mine 6

An image of the building remains on the site

Poldice Mine 7

Looking down the Poldice Valley, on the right of the image are the mountings for the stamps

Poldice Mine 8

A date stone in one of the building walls, Laid By C.Pengilley Esq, March 25th 1887

Poldice Mine 9

My favorite image of the day, looking across the stamps foundations

The Tolgus Calciner Gallery