Wheal Coates Mine

Wheal Coates Mine worked from 1815-1914 producing 335 tons Copper and 717 tons of Tin. The impressive Pumping Engine House on Towanroath Shaft dates from 1872, it remained in work until 1885. In a later re-working of the mine a new horizontal pumping engine was installed at the base of the house, this was used from 1911-1914. The foundation can be clearly seen.
Walk up the hill to the other remaining buildings that include a 24″ Stamps and an 18″ Whim Engine House. The site has been very well stabilised in the 1970’s and 80’s by the National Trust. This is a great place to walk around, the site still retains its atmosphere and the views are amazing.

Wheal Coates Mine 1

At low tide a walk along the beach from Chapel Porth shows the Towanroath Engine House in all its glory, the cliffs around here show many sites of mining activity. Care should be taken as the tide here will come in very fast.

Wheal Coates Mine 2

The iconic view of the 36″ Pumping Engine House on Towanroath Shaft perched on the cliff edge, the foundation for the horizontal pumping engine which was used in the later re-working is in front of the house.

Wheal Coates Mine 3

An image of the 24″ Stamps Engine House at Wheal Coates Mine.

Wheal Coates Mine 4

Looking across the Whim Engine foundations towards the Stamps House.

Wheal Coates Mine 5

An image of the Stamps Engine House looking through the gap where the sluice for the mine pond was mounted.

Wheal Coates Mine 6

A photograph of Wheal Coates showing the Stamps and Whim Engines houses of the mine.

Wheal Coates Mine 7

This image was taken early on spring morning, the sea mist lapping on the top of the cliffs gives a ghostly feel to the photograph.

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